New Nissan Leaf

New Nissan Leaf
  • Fun and exciting driving experience, with great aesthetic appeal
  • A range of up to 155-miles for ultimate performance
  • Two power output choices - 30kWh and 24kWh
  • ZERO emissions for the greenest drive of your life
  • Capable of charging fully in as little as four hours
  • Loaded with additional high-tech features
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Nissan Leaf

Put the spark back into your typical driving experience with the latest Nissan LEAF - an electric car which qualifies for the maximum plug-in car grant and emits no emissions whatsoever. The Leaf is a completely electric family car, that offers the convenience and functionality of a hatchback, brimming with the latest modern technologies. Capable of around 155 miles of real-world range, you can charge your LEAF at home with a mains socket within as little as four hours, before enjoying the comfort of a smooth and fun driving experience. There's no gearbox here, just sharp acceleration, with maximum torque achievable from 0 rpm, and various options to choose from. Select 30 kWh, or 24kWh, then pick your favourite of three trim levels to design the ideal car.

Leaf Features

Nissan Leaf - Electric Style

Electric Style

Designed to make a lasting impression, the Nissan LEAF combines a boldly angled front end with a chunky rear and unique roofline to ensure that you stand out on the road for all of the right reasons. Enjoy electric style.
Nissan Leaf - Two Choices In Battery

Two Choices in Battery

For power, you can choose between a 30kWh, or 24kWh battery pack depending on your individual needs. While the larger pack offers improved range, it generally comes at a slightly higher price too.
Nissan Leaf - Extensive Range

Extensive Range

Equipped with the impressive 30kWh battery, your Nissan LEAF can manage up to 155-miles of portability from a single charge. With the 24kWh, the range is still impressive at around 124-miles on a single charge.
Nissan Leaf - Easy Charging

Easy Charging

Avoid petrol stations completely and fill up by plugging into a mains socket at home, or a DC charger when you're out and about. Charging can take as little as 4 hours to get you all the way from empty to full.


Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf

More Features

Nissan Leaf - Fun Driving Experience

Fun Driving Experience

The LEAF isn't all about environmentally friendly driving - it's also brimming with fun too. Not only is the power delivery incredibly strong, with a maximum torque available from 0pm, but the handling is smooth and responsive!
Nissan Leaf - Grant Availability

Grant Availability

Want to earn some cash back on your car? The Nissan LEAF qualifies for the maximum £4,500 grant in the government Plug-in scheme - an amount automatically deducted from the cost of your brand new car.
Nissan Leaf - ZERO Emissions

ZERO emissions

Enjoy the most environmentally friendly drive of your life with no emissions whatsoever. That means that you can drive wherever you want without any concern for the effect your vehicle might be having on the environment.
Nissan Leaf - TEKNA Boost


Upgrade your drive even further with the top-range Tekna model and benefit from a range of features, including heated seats, a BOSE audio system, heated steering wheel, climate control, cruise control and Around view monitor.

Leaf Colours

Nissan Leaf - Available In Storm White

Storm White

Nissan Leaf - Available In Arctic White

Arctic White

Nissan Leaf - Available In Blade Silver

Blade Silver

Nissan Leaf - Available In Sonic Blue

Sonic Blue

Nissan Leaf - Available In Solid Red

Solid Red

Nissan Leaf - Available In Pearl Black

Pearl Black

Nissan Leaf - Available In Flame Red

Flame Red

Nissan Leaf - Available In Gun Metallic

Gun Metallic

Nissan Leaf - Available In Bronze


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New Nissan Leaf
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