Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs – A Concept for our Four-legged Friends
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Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs – A Concept for our Four-legged Friends

A new Nissan concept car has been designed with dogs in mind. Developed in response to a Kennel Club survey where it was revealed that 99.9% of dogs were considered ‘part of the family’, Nissan have added some features to their X-Trail to reflect that fact.

Unlike most of the family, dogs are transported in the boot of the car. This seems a little bit unfair, don’t you think?

Ryan Gains, chief marketing manager for X-Trail, said "It's clear from the research that for dog owners, dogs are a key part of the family. Ensuring their pet's needs are catered for is often just as important as making sure the children are comfortable and happy. The Nissan X-Trail is a car that's built for family adventures, and the X-Trail 4Dogs concept takes that to the next level."

As you know, here at Hamilton we love our furry friends, so we’re going to look at what Nissan’s X-Trail 4Dogs has got to make dogs more comfortable.

With plush (but wipeable) upholstery, a two-way ‘dog-cam’ and special no-spill food and water dispensers, it certainly looks like a luxurious experience. Whether it would stay like that for very long is a different story…

The two-way dog cam and audio-link allows the driver and passengers to check up on your pup and keep them calm if necessary, and it lets them see you too.

The smart food dispenser features a pad that allows the dog to activate it whenever it fancies a snack.

All these features, including a dog bed, can be removed for a usable load space when the dog is not on the journey.

Under the floor of the boot there are more dog-friendly features. In one of the compartments is this 360-degree dog washer, allowing you to wash your dog and keep your boot in a cleaner condition. The boot is equipped with an integrated dog dryer too, allowing you to keep your dog warm on the ride home.

In another of the compartment there hides a ramp, in case your dog is too little or too lazy to jump in.

At present, the X-Trail 4Dogs is only a concept, but could well become a reality.

Even without the dog-related features, the Nissan X-Trail is an excellent family car. Take a look at the other features here

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